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Why Join?
Written by Michaela Hardwick   
Monday, 08 March 2010 15:38

If you qualify then why NOT join – it’s free of charge although we sometimes make a small charge for the meetings to cover catering if we can’t find a member to sponsor the food in exchange for  a bit of publicity.


  • Friendly and relaxed – no suit required – from accountants to car mechanics, B&B owners and beauty therapists
  • Timed so that you can do a full day’s work and still get to keep  your evening for yourself – we run them from 5:30 to about 7pm about 4 times a year
  • There’s generally a theme or  speaker on a subject aimed at developing and improving your business – there’s plenty of time to chat and we DON’T make you stand up and do a 60—second advert for your business (unless  you want to!)


  • Free entry in the directory – this gives a link to your website which will help your Google ranking – have a look at  the Directory and click on a few members entries and see how many times their profile has been viewed.
  • If you’re too shy to put your photo on there, just put your logo or a picture of what you do, make or sell – it makes the page a bit livelier.
  • You can enter your Twitter username if you have one and get followers this way.
  • Twitter – follow us at – we will follow you back and create a twitter list with all members in so that you can get more and hopefully ‘better’ followers.  For a start – you should all be following each other so you know what the SY7 business scene is up to!  Tweet each other some special offers and deals and see what happens.


  • We produce a regular email newsletter with news about members’ press releases, success stories, offers as well as summarising new initiatives coming out of Business Link, local governmen0 etc  – if  they affect business and specially any news of grants that become available
  • Advertise your own business in the newsletter or sponsor an issue and get a big banner at the top
  • We produce a small number of printed copies which are distributed via prominent places

It’s free

  • Enough said?
Last Updated on Thursday, 26 August 2010 16:38